Natt (crossed_hearts) wrote in xthecoolkidsx,

[x]Name: Natt
[x]Age: 16
[x]Gender: Female
[x]Location: Manitoba, Canada

[x]Top 5 Bands: Lunachicks, the Devotchkas, Vice squad, Blondie, Joan Jett
[x]Food: Sushi
[x]Top 5 Movies: Super troopers, Batman [the first one], sid and nancy, Kingpin, and American history x
[x]Word: Neat or when i'm mad, cunt.
[x]Books: I shithead, Heaver then heaven
[x]Shape: Square cause thats what i am.

[x]How many red shirts do you own: well i just bought one yeterday so...i guess 3 i think. or 2.
[x]Best band you've seen live: afi i would have to say.
[x]Last cd you bought/downloaded: i think give em the boot comp, numbers 1 and 3 i think....
[x]Ever collect pokemon cards: yes.

[x]Racism: it comes and gose and its bad.
[x]Anarchy: dont belive in it sometimes.
[x]George W. Bush Jr.: dont know, never met him.
[x]Simple Plan: dont like them.
[x]Wearing Animal Furr: i dont.

[x]Why should we accept you: i feel like i could be one of the cool kids.
[x]Where did you find out about us: threw a friends user info.
[x]Who/What communities did you promote us to (at least 2): none because i'm not part of any communtie cause i got rejected from every single one that i applyed to. but i did anyways.

[x]Post at least 3 clear picutes of you.


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