Megan (dressed_2the9s) wrote in xthecoolkidsx,

[x]Name: Megan
[x]Age: 14
[x]Gender: Vagina.
[x]Location: Oklahoma

[x]Top 5 Bands: Eisley, Armor For Sleep, Hellogoodbye, Awaking Fury, and... Relient K
[x]Food: ice cream
[x]Top 5 Movies: Eternal Sunshine, Pieces of April, Envy, 16 Candles (cliche' I know), and Nemo
[x]Word: ball
[x]Books: Damage, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Rainbow Boys.
[x]Shape: STAR.

[x]How many red shirts do you own: ::counts:: five
[x]Best band you've seen live: Awaking Fury
[x]Last cd you bought/downloaded: Bodacious LC
[x]Ever collect pokemon cards: Yes ::looks at feet:: I was in third grade.

[x]Racism: Stupid and worth nothing. Heh. I am racist against racism.
[x]Anarchy: If you don't like the system change it or move.
[x]George W. Bush Jr.: Douche (I plan to help change it).
[x]Simple Plan: Not my forte.
[x]Wearing Animal Furr: I don't do it...but I don't condem you to hell if you do.

[x]Why should we accept you: Because I am the coolest kid you will ever meet.
[x]Where did you find out about us:
[x]Who/What communities did you promote us to (at least 2):

[x]Post at least 3 clear picutes of you.
Sorry I am so ugly.

<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">Left

<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">

<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">

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