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1. Don't comment until you have been accepted.
2. Get offended easily? Don't join. Fuck off.
3. Don't whore out other communties.
4. Post your application and pictures under lj-cut.
5. Once stamped when you post say you are stamped.
6. Read the rules? When you apply subject line shall say Fuck me I'm new.
7. If you don't read the rules you won't be accepted.
8. If you aren't a mod when you say yes or no you must give reasons.
9. No huge pics, no anti-emo kids.
10. Stamped members be mean. We are not civialized.


[x]Top 5 Bands:
[x]Top 5 Movies:

[x]How many red shirts do you own:
[x]Best band you've seen live:
[x]Last cd you bought/downloaded:
[x]Ever collect pokemon cards:

[x]George W. Bush Jr.:
[x]Simple Plan:
[x]Wearing Animal Furr:

[x]Why should we accept you:
[x]Where did you find out about us:
[x]Who/What communities did you promote us to (at least 2):

[x]Post at least 3 clear picutes of you.

Main Mod.